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'I am very excited by the move,' says Karen. 'I attended the most recent franchisee training course and it added considerably to my knowledge and experience. I am looking forward to seeing both new and existing franchisees and to helping to develop the Bluebird Care network.'

Franchise Director Simon Dalziel sees this as a great step forward for Bluebird Care: 'We believe passionately in helping all our franchisees to reach their potential and Karen's appointment helps us to achieve this. With a growing network we will continue to make sure there are always enough people to ensure that our franchisees get all the help they need. We work in a very regulated arena and it is vital that franchisees are assisted in the early days to reach their accreditation and then to grow the successful business that we know is out there.'

The latest Bluebird Care training course took place at the beginning of December. Franchisees on the course included Prafula Joshi and Thamani Jeppe who are setting up their new Bluebird business in Harrow. Prafula was full of praise for the intensive course and comments: 'Even though I have worked in the care industry for a number of years, I have learned so much more about how to run a successful care business. My thanks to all our instructors, but particularly MD Paul Tarsey and Simon for their considerable efforts in making the course so successful.'

Simon was pleased with the course: 'It is always very rewarding to bring people into the business and set them on their way to running their own care business after their initial training course. This was a particularly good course.'


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