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Franchisee Director Freddie Rayner is delighted to have the new franchisees on board, who will be providing the Bone Dry, dry carpet cleaning system to customers in Guildford, Cardiff, Stockport, Newcastle, Norwich, Weybridge and Warrington. 'Bone Dry is a very exciting product and so far has proved very popular with our clients. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning systems, which use water, our dry system is convenient and effective.

'Our new franchisees are just as excited about this product as we are and their enthusiasm will go a long way to ensuring that the business is a success.'

The Time For You group, comprising Time For You, Oven Wizards and Bone Dry, is expecting 2006 to be its best year yet. Freddie accredits Time For You's success to three major factors: 'We have innovative and effective products but we recognise that our franchisees are the most important asset we have, so we work closely with them to ensure that they have all the support they need to make a success of their business.'


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