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Chemicals manufacturer, Bonnymans, has launched its campaign to recruit new franchise owners throughout the UK.

The business, which supplies car washes, car valeting operators, automotive, agricultural and vast array of other industries with cleaning materials, DEFRA-approved disinfectants, sanitisers and general chemicals for a variety of purposes, believes that its concept will appeal to prospective franchise owners.

“These industry sectors have been proven to be very receptive to trading with franchise owners backed with a UK manufacturer,” said Stephen Allam, Managing Director of the Ayrshire-headquartered company. “We now believe the timing is correct to adopt this business model to maximise capacity at our facility.”

According to Bonnymans the company has annual sales in excess of £5 million and Allam believes that this can be boosted significantly by bringing franchise owners on board.

He added: “We have already appointed our first franchise owner, Ian Thomas, in Hampshire on the south coast of England, who has enjoyed great success in carving out a share of the market in this area. This success has been achieved through implementing our highly innovative approach to developing and distributing products which is seldom found.”

Hugh Rogers, Sales Director at Bonnymans, said: “Our franchise owners have an unlimited range of business customers as well as individuals to whom they can supply.

“Traditionally we have specialised in the supply of materials to the automotive sector, including car washes, bus and truck fleets, and garages, this sector will be a priority area of focus for our franchise owners. They will also offer a full product range of chemicals, many of which are bio-based to the manufacturing and processing businesses, agricultural markets and cleaning companies.

“Bonnymans has also identified a niche market for franchise owners to supply raw material chemicals for specific applications to individuals and businesses. Often customers are restricted to purchasing very small or very large qualities of these products, our franchise owners will be able to satisfy the demand for bespoke lot sizes.

“With the ability to offer our franchise owners specilaised chemical formulations which address the needs of the individual customers, with an innovative new range of fuel additives and new disinfectant delivery technology, it will be an exciting time for all new franchise owners coming on board.

“With major new Blue Chip companies in the process of partnering with Bonnymans and in addition to being sole chemical supplier to both of the country’s major motor organisations, the potential available to franchise owners is endless.”

Territories are available in many parts of the UK, and with a total package price of £16, 995 plus VAT.


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