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Written with the aim of helping those thinking about starting their own business, Success before start-up, provides an accessible, easy-to-read guide to help readers increase their chances of launching a successful business.

The book does not offer false promises, get-rich-quick schemes or that it will guarantee business success, but instead confronts the fact that 80 per cent of business start-ups will fail. Despite this the author encourages readers to be positive and pragmatic in their approach to starting a business so that they can become one of the 20 per cent who succeed.

Success before start-up is laid-out in a user-friendly way in which the process of starting a business is separated into three steps.

In the first step the author describes the most popular start-up options and experts from each option provide practical advice on how they established their businesses. Also each expert section includes ‘Parting Points’ where they use their experience to provide a list of tips and advice on launching a new business.

One of the options the author discusses is franchising and the book goes into detail about starting up a business by franchising. In the book the author includes the expert input of Professor Roy Seaman, founder and Managing Director of Franchise Development Services, who has been involved in franchising for over 30 years.

Step two describes the groundwork that needs to be done before starting a business and covers in detail how to finance and market the new business. The third step provides the reader with an in-depth guide to preparing and writing a business plan, a vital tool to getting finance from banks or other investors.

Although nothing can completely prepare a new business owner for the day when they start trading for the first time, this book does help to inspire and motivate those thinking of becoming self-employed, as well as offering practical information and advice on how to succeed.

Success before start-up was launched on 2 June 2011.


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