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Booster Juice has announced further expansion in the USA. The Canadian juice retailer has opened three new stores in the state of Arizona, and with several more planned in California and Manhattan the company is aiming to have a network of 20 juice bars in the country by the end of 2006.

"In a perfect world, it would be nice down the road to have a store in every single state," remarks Booster Juice President and CEO Dale Wishewan. "But we're more focused on going into the more high-profile cities."

Booster Juice bars serve fresh juices, smoothies and an option to "boost" each drink with herbal supplements, and first opened in Canada in 1999. As well as the US, the brand has established two bars in Dubai and seven in Riadh, Saudi Arabia under Middle East Master Franchisee the Alhokari group.

With 140 bars operating worldwide, Wishewan is seeking Master Franchisee partners for the UK, India, Greece, Spain and Portugal. "It's exciting to see expansion," he says, "not just coast to coast in Canada and the US, but that there's people in places like the UK that want the product."


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