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Burger King India introduced as many as six vegetarian snacks, sandwiches and entry-level burgers in the menu when it started in November 2014.

Raj Varman, chief executive officer of Burger King India said: "Looking at the response here, the global management is evaluating introducing some of these options going forward to other vegetarian-friendly markets like the UK.”

“Private equity firm Everstone Capital, which is the master franchisee for Burger King here, has been given full control over the menu, and built a product line to suit the Indian market that was different from the standard menu”, Varman said.

Since its launch last year, the chain has opened 18 restaurants in Delhi (NCR), Mumbai and Chandigarh.

“It is now looking at a strong foray into the south, starting with Bengaluru where it will open six outlets over the next two months,” Varman said.


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