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Franchise Source Brands International (FSBI) has started a global expansion programme to significantly increase its international presence. The company specialises in professional coaching under widely recognised brand names including The Entrepreneur’s Source, AdviCoach, Expense Reduction Consulting and Business Partner Marketing Coach. FSBI is initially targeting the United Kingdom and plans to continue growth outward from there.

Terry Powell, founder and CEO of FSBI, said: “We’re ripe for major international expansion. From supporting the growing number of budding entrepreneurs through their business discovery process to helping existing business owners advance operations, cut costs or refine marketing programmes, we hit home with today’s entrepreneurs. The momentum we’ve built behind our brands has created prime growth opportunities for us internationally.”

FSBI is expanding its business through a regional developer model and it is awarding qualified individuals the opportunity to own and operate in designated territories. FSBI’s regional developers will be responsible for franchising the brands in their regions, enjoying multiple income streams – upfront from franchise sales, and ongoing passive income from management service fees.

There are eight territories in the UK that FSBI will be awarding regional developer agreements, which are included the Southwest, Southeast, London, and West Midland. Earlier this year, FSBI signed a franchise deal for the Dublin territory with Ireland-based businessman John Culliney.

Powell added: “FSBI is tapping into one of the world’s leading economies. It’s a natural step for us to take as an organisation. Our concepts transcend borders and address business issues facing companies in every modern society.”

Once FSBI has been established in the UK market the company is looking to expand across Europe.


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