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Business networking franchise Business For Breakfast is set to expand its successful concept into the Czech Republic. This expansion is part of the company's programme to increase its franchise network both in the UK and abroad.

Business For Breakfast is to expand throughout the Czech Republic through its Master Franchise Owner Kamila Zarychtova, who received full training from head office before launching the concept in the country. Zarychtova has already been approached by a Prague-based law firm Masek Advokati with a view of owning a Business For Breakfast franchise.

Zarychtova said: "As thousands of former economic migrants return home to the Czech Republic, they are bringing back not only the skills that they took with them, but also invaluable experience of the way business is done in Western Europe and of the languages, customs and cultures of their host countries. This wealth of knowledge makes the Czech Republic the ideal location for British companies to expand into, both now and in the future."


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