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Their experience since has proved quite the opposite. After they opened their Bluestones Logistics franchise in Daresbury, Warrington, they immediately found local businesses in need of their professional driver placement services. So much so that they had a turnover of £12,000 before Christmas had even arrived, while New Year bought further good cheer – revenue growing to £350,000 by the end of March. On course to easily surpass £1m turnover in their first year of operation, the business has benefited from Dave and Krista’s drive (excuse the pun) and dedication alongside the support of the Bluestones head office in Warrington. Franchisees like Brigdale and Flanagan own their business, operating under the brand and systems of a bigger company.

Brigdale said: “I’d been toying with the idea of running my own business for some time. When Krista said she was of the same mind we decided that, with Krista’s recruitment sales and my logistical operational experience we would have a good combination of skills.”The business performance level has surprised even the owners. “We really didn’t expect to have any drivers placed until February at the earliest,” said Brigdale, “but as soon as we started trading, the work started to roll in. Since then we haven’t looked back! Our client base has grown week on week as have our gross sales. Due to our growth we have now employed a resource administrator, Emma, to assist and help expand our business.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s been hard work but both Krista and I have been committed to make our business a success, it is successful and we can’t see any reason why this shouldn’t continue.”

Flanagan said that investing in the franchise was an opportunity to take control of her own professional life. She explained: “Like Dave I’ve spent most of my working life doing various roles within different recruitment companies. I couldn’t see my last position developing into anything and I was getting frustrated and felt I was in a rut.”

And now? “I’ve never been happier. Dave and I work together as a team – you have to when it’s a 24/7 operation. However, it’s our business, we make the decisions but we know we have the support of Bluestones Logistics and the Bluestones Group backing us all the way.”Ken Rush, franchise director for Bluestones Logistics, never doubted what the pair would accomplish. He said: “Both Krista and Dave were already known to Marian Butterworth, our MD, and myself. They are experienced recruitment professionals who are hungry for success; we’re not surprised by their results to date!

“Dave and Krista have worked tirelessly to achieve their success, and we’re so proud of their efforts. Whilst Bluestones Logistics can provide the support and guidance, there’s no substitute for the determination that the team over at Warrington have shown. We all congratulate them on their successes, and fingers crossed it continues!”


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