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A new California Pizza Kitchen restaurant has been opened in China. Although the China location is company-owned the company believes expanding into China will help its franchise owners operating in the Asia-Pacific region.

California Pizza Kitchen co-founder and co-CEO Rick Rosenfield said: “California Pizza Kitchen has been well received internationally, and we see a great opportunity to further expand in one of the most robust economies in the world. The presence of company-owned restaurants and an international office will allow us to provide better support for our franchise partners in India, Malaysia, Dubai, and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region.”

A USA-based company, California Pizza Kitchen has adapted its menu in China to appeal to local tastes. Larry Flax, California Pizza Kitchen co-founder and co-CEO, added: “We have always been known for our globally-inspired menu items. We are very excited about the new items we have created for the Shanghai menu and we look forward to introducing some of these items on our U.S. menu in the future.”


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