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Despite severe weather warnings being a constant feature on weather forecasts, Caremark franchise owners have continued to deliver home care services to hundreds of customers across the UK.

Conditions in some parts of the country have been treacherous, particularly in the more outlaying villages where the roads have, in some cases, been virtually impassable. This has resulted in some villages being unreachable and residents unable to venture far from their homes.

According to Caremark the company’s careful planning has enabled its care workers to reach their most isolated customers, ensuring that even the most vulnerable people were not left without the care and support they needed. Part of Caremark’s strategy was to prioritise their most vulnerable customers to ensure their care was delivered.

In some cases care workers have been walking to their customers and delivering their care calls on foot where driving was considered too risky; others have been clubbing together to share a friend’s 4 x 4 vehicle and some staff in another Caremark franchised office even called upon the Fire & Rescue Service to assist them in getting them to their more remote customers.

When parts of West Sussex were badly affected by the first heavy downfall of snow in early December, Kevin Lewis, CEO of Caremark Ltd. came to the rescue and drove around a member of staff in his own 4 x 4 vehicle ensuring that all care calls were delivered and his staff transported safely.

Caremark CEO Kevin Lewis said: “My sincerest thanks must go to all our staff and brilliant care workers who achieved so much for our customers, in spite of the most dreadful weather and awful road conditions. I feel very proud of their dedication and professionalism in ensuring the safety and well being of our customers – true testimony of their level of commitment and loyalty to their customers, to their colleagues and to Caremark.”


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