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Printing solutions franchise Cartridge Green has launched an unlimited ink subscription service.

The Ireland-based franchise, which is looking for franchise owners to open locations in the UK, is targeting its new service primarily at home users, but it is also proving popular with sole traders and small businesses.

The company began trials of Club Cartridge Green across its 13 stores in Ireland last year and has recently expanded the offering to include an online facility to service households not located near a Cartridge Green store.

Niall McConnell, Managing Director of Cartridge Green, said: “The traditional model for home printers has been to sell the printer at a low cost and the ink at a very big premium.

“We saw customers who were afraid to print what they wanted because they were scared of how much the cost of ink would be. We also saw that the majority of our customers regarded their printer as something they only used when it was needed rather than using it for printing photos or fun stuff such as greeting cards or invitations.

“We wanted to change the model and make home printing fun for the first time. We wanted people to be able to print what they wanted, when they wanted, without having to worry about the cost of the ink. Our marketing message is inviting people to ‘Be Print Happy’.

“For many families this is a traditionally busy and expensive time of year for printing with school and college students printing large volumes to prepare for upcoming exams. Once word began to circulate among students and families that you could get a new printer and unlimited ink for a low monthly cost, the subscriber number soared. We expect sales volumes to grow further during the summer months when people realise they can print their holiday photos at home.

“We have doubled the number of subscriptions we had initially planned for and expect to have over 10,000 subscribers within the next six months. Without new online service, orders are coming in from every corner of the country.

“We have identified 16 locations in Ireland where we are seeking to expand through our franchise model and will be opening our first stores in Britain in the coming months as well.”


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