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Second-hand goods retailer Cash Converters is pitching for a wave of web-based sales as it offers its in-store guitar deals online.

It is hoped that more than a thousand guitars will find their way to Cash Converters’ internet portal as the chain’s 217 UK stores set about buying up guitars and other musical instruments that would otherwise continue gathering dust.

Richard Livesey, Head of Marketing, said: “Around 50 million people worldwide play the guitar and it’s a huge part of our retail offer in store. We want to make our products accessible to those musicians who may not have a store close by.

“Many guitarists swap and change their instruments regularly in order to match their skill level and we’re proud to be able to offer a huge range of styles and price of guitars for those just starting to play and to professional musicians.”

He said the campaign had unearthed a number of collectibles, with the most valuable selling for £3,000.The 20-year-old franchise currently has more than 660 stores worldwide.


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