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James Trahearn comes from a background in corporate finance and business development and will offer a seasoned view in developing successful structures within business. Ron Hutton has a successful track record in the franchise industry and was formerly head of franchisee recruitment at Rainbow International. Ron joins the group to head up sales both in franchising and national accounts.

'The business continues to grow despite the doom and gloom of the credit crunch and the uncertain economic climate,' says Chemex Director Sean Derrig. 'Our franchisees are experiencing strong sales in the first quarter of 2008 and in some cases record sales are being achieved. We are continuing to launch innovative and relevant products and this is stimulating an increasing demand for our services.

'Essential services such as cleaning and hygiene products where health and hygiene related issues create the demand, are not tied into consumer spending. Due to the nature of the products and their continuous demand this is also a repeat order business. Although not recession-proof, the extensive and diverse range of Chemex products provide choices for the customer who will always need cleaning and hygiene materials whatever the state of the economy. In a competitive UK market, Chemex provides quality products with the emphasis on service and cleaning, and hygiene control programmes.'

Chemex International is also expanding its overseas network following a surge in demand for its cleaning and hygiene products. The company is set to open up distribution operations in the Middle East, Asia and Western Europe. 'Our international business grew by 20 per cent last year,' adds Sean, 'and following the introduction of a range of leading edge products we are getting tremendous interest from a number of countries where we are not currently represented.'


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