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A children’s swimming lessons franchise, Baby Swimmers, is actively looking for franchise owners as part of its UK expansion campaign.

Baby Swimmers aims to help very young children to build the foundations needed to swim unaided as they get older. Tracie Margo, founder of Baby Swimmers, said: “Research has shown early swimming can benefit your baby by helping to develop water confidence, strength, co-ordination and alertness, while also learning water safety and having fun.

“Babies are born with a natural reflex to move their arms and legs in the water, and it is also natural for them to hold their breath underwater from birth to about six months.

“Babies can start at Baby Swimmers as soon as parent and baby are ready and happy to do so, and through fun and games, we progressively develop these natural reflexes to encourage voluntary swimming movements in the water, which will build a foundation for your baby to swim unaided.

“Once the baby has completed 10 sessions, both baby and parents will be given the opportunity to have their photo taken underwater.”


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