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UK-based car body repair company, ChipsAway, has continued its global expansion with the opening of its first Middle East franchise in Saudi Arabia.

ChipsAway, which currently has 300 franchise owners operating in the UK, has signed a Master Franchise deal for Saudi Arabia, which will see the brand expand throughout the country.

Lloyd Evans, Deputy Chairman of ChipsAway, said: “Proving resistant to global economic downturn the Saudi Arabian economy has actually managed to maintain growth in difficult times. The buoyant automotive industry is the largest in the Middle East and one of the largest in the world. Auto sales are currently worth SR69.4 billion and are expected to achieve growth of 30 per cent by 2013, which provides some great opportunities for a business such as ChipsAway to thrive and grow.”

Heading up the Master Franchise is Talal Obid Al Osaimi a successful businessman who studied for his MBA in the UK at Bangor University. With seven years under his belt of running two repair centres in Riyadh and a wealth of business knowledge gained through his owning a very successful and profitable construction business, Obid is well placed to help develop the ChipsAway brand in the Middle East.

Obid’s business partner, Ieyd Al Shammari, brings many years of knowledge gained through working in various Operations Manager roles within the Financial Services Sector. With a particular passion for providing the right customer experiences, Saudi Arabia customers will soon be treated to high level of service.

Obid said: “We were very excited by the opportunity to trade under the ChipsAway brand in Saudi Arabia. From our very first experiences with ChipsAway we were impressed by the business model and by both its present and estimated levels of growth. It’s easy to see how potential franchise owners can make money, which presents a great opportunity for developing the Saudi network through franchise investment. Best of all with second hand vehicle ownership so prominent, accounting for 46 per cent of cars, there is a large untapped market for services such as those offered by ChipsAway.”


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