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An experienced Cloudy2Clear franchise owner has launched a second territory.

Trevor Skidmore now owns and operates the Cloudy2Clear Oxford territory, in addition to his initial Northampton franchise.

Skidmore said: “The timing was just right. I’ve seen phenomenal growth in my original business over the last couple of years. Both my sons are now employed by me as fitters and we are pretty much flat out all year round and we’re making decent money. It’s a great position to be in but I wanted to recreate the experiences we’ve had in Northampton, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for some time.”

The purchase of an additional territory was something Skidmore had been thinking about for a while and he first approached the Cloudy2Clear head office with his intention at the end of 2011. He added: “The team at Cloudy2Clear were extremely helpful. We mapped out a plan together based on other people’s experiences so I could avoid the pitfalls and get it right from day one. Obviously with employing my lads I’d never taken anyone on who wasn’t family before so that was the first hurdle. I also needed to know how I would operate the second branch, what the new manager would be responsible for, and how much involvement would I need personally, for example. By the time we opened everything had run like clockwork so that our new manager, Stephen, was trained up and ready to go.”

As an existing Cloudy2Clear franchise owner, Skidmore knew that the customer demand in his new territory would be there. “It’s very different now to when I started. There’s no fear of whether I can do the job or if the phone will ring enough – I know it will. The challenge now is different in that I’m relying on someone else to follow the system that I have learned and successfully implemented in my time with Cloudy2Clear. It’s different, but with the backing of the Cloudy2Clear management team I’m working through it.”

Commenting on Skidmore’s new territory, Martin Waite, Marketing Director at Cloudy2Clear, said: “The key here is in personnel and the ability of Trevor himself to implement what we have told him to do. In the first part he has a cracking manager in Stephen, he’s a man who will go the extra mile for his customers and that has become evident already. With the second part Trevor had already demonstrated his ability to follow our system to the letter so doing it again has proven quite easy. The key, as we always say, is follow the system, follow the system, follow the system. Trevor has done it twice now and I’ve every reason to think that once he has Oxford settled he’ll go on to do it a third time.”


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