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Cloudy2Clear franchise owners’ businesses have grown by 20 per cent year-on-year with group turnover as a whole growing to over £1.6 million from £1.2 million in 2010, the company has reported.

Commenting on the figures, Martin Waite, Marketing Director at Cloudy2Clear, was keen to praise the network. He said: “We’re obviously delighted to see more and more of our franchise owners making more and more money. It's a tried and tested formula of great local service coupled with the drive and determination of our franchise owners to succeed. We believe that in any economic climate that it’s values that some people might call old-fashioned which make the difference. Our system reflect that, and it’s obviously on these numbers that they are working.”

Reflecting on the network as a whole, Waite is keen to stress the longevity on the company’s franchise owners. He said: “We have a very low churn rate in comparison, I believe, to many other franchises. One or two people every year find that making that shift from employment to running their own business isn’t for them but 95 per cent of our group are in this for the long haul. Yes, part of that is because they are making money but more important, I think, is that our team can see how we at head office are assisting them in attaining their goals. Not only do we invest heavily in national advertising at no extra cost to them, effectively generating them free enquires, but we work hard at monitoring their profitability and productivity to make sure they are getting the most from their business and, in turn, their personal lives.

“We’ve recently added a new Operations Manager to our support team. His job is purely to make sure that the franchise owners are making as much money as is physically possible. We’ve more than proved the model in terms of marketing, the issue is one of coping with demand. Many of our guys have reached the point where they could be generating too many sales enquiries and we need to make sure they expand their businesses in the most profitable way based on the experience of others who’ve already done it. The new role allows us to be much more ‘hands on’ with franchise owners who are hitting that point and will enable us to gently assist them over the next hurdle without them getting themselves lumbered with costs they don’t need.”


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