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The Growth Coach, a USA franchise that provides business coaching, has aided the success of small businesses during the recession. The Growth Coach has been helping many business owners to develop and implement their own business plans, aiding their success.

Daniel Murphy, President and co-Founder of The Growth Coach, said: "The Growth Coach is a strong advocate for US small businesses and truly appreciates that they are the real backbone of our economy and need additional guidance and support at this time. To handle the growing coaching demand, we train and arm our passionate franchise owners, many former employees of Corporate America, with our proven coaching process. In turn, they help all the small business owners in their communities to achieve greater success and balance in their lives. In short, we help fuel economic growth and development throughout the US."

The Growth Coach utilises its signature group coaching process, as well as one-on-one coaching, tele-coaching, and other related services, to enable business owners to 'fall back in love' with their businesses. The Growth Coach is on a mission to help small business owners, self-employed professionals, sales teams, managers, franchisees and others examine their current situation within their business and life, develop a road map to get where they want to go, and receive ongoing accountability to stay on track and achieve their goals.

Daniel added: "It is important for small business owners to be proactive and seek out a mentor or coach before they are so overwhelmed that they have lost sight of the big picture. Owners are more receptive to coaching than ever. In this economy, they are motivated by a fear of loss and realise they need to be on top of their game to survive and thrive. They know they need to be more focused and effective and need the additional accountability to implement their critical plans and goals. As such, our business coaches are being enlisted daily to assist these owners."


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