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Cold Stone Creamery has signed three Master Franchise deals, which will see the brand expand into Singapore, Greece and Cyprus, and Brazil.

The ice cream retail franchise, through its parent company Kahala, has signed its Singapore Master Franchise agreement with Kitchen Language. Formed in 2008 to bring new food and beverage concepts to Singapore, Kitchen Language is set to open 10 Cold Store Creamery locations in Singapore, as well as six stores in Malaysia by 2014.

Kitchen Language Director, Kenneth Low, said: “We were delighted and excited to find in Cold Stone Creamery a viable proposition that is full of potential. The customer experience was exceptional; at every Cold Stone Creamery store we visited, this unique, interactive, and engaging brand experience was excellently delivered to consumers, consistently.”

The Greece and Cyprus Master Franchise agreement was signed with Gustatus Ltd, which is the food and beverage sector of Top Retail Co Ltd. Gustatus Ltd Managing Director Vasilis Michailidis said: “Cold Stone Creamery researches the international markets and respects local cultures, which aligns with the values of Gustatus Ltd. Cold Stone’s adaptability to different markets across the world while staying true to the brand’s character and brand integrity is one reason we believe the ice cream brand will be very well-received in Cyprus and Greece.”

The brand has also signed a Master Franchise agreement for Brazil with J.J.F. Franquias LTDA, which plans to open 26 locations across the country in five years. Cold Stone Creamery Brazil CEO Leonardo Ribas Gomes said: “The freshness of ice cream made every day, the incredible experience with the mix-ins and granite stone, and all the indulgences on the Cold Stone menu brought us the confidence and the desire to develop the brand and open the first, of many, Cold Stone Creamery stores in Brazil and we definitely look forward to introducing the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience to the ice cream lovers of Brazil.”


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