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As well as using the creation of the dress to attract women franchisees the company is also keen to highlight the health benefits that can be gained for being a Distribution Unlimited franchisee.

'Not only is this venture giving me the buzz of success, but I am keeping fit as well,' says Forrest Cunningham, a Distribution Unlimited franchise owner who lost 10lb in the first couple of months of opening his business. 'I have worked in offices for years, and I feel so much better and healthier walking all day, and even in the start up phase I'm earning just as much if not more than before.'

Billy Shepherd, owner of the Dundee Distribution Unlimited Franchise, adds: 'Since starting my new venture one of the health benefits of all the exercise I have been doing has meant that I have lost a stone in weight. Coming from a partially sedentary job to an active day has been great, I feel really fit and active, whilst working too! I haven't even been to a gym and can now eat what I want. I'm loving my new healthy lifestyle.'

Founded in 1992 Distribution Unlimited is based in Edinburgh and currently has branches in Manchester, Cheshire, Dundee, Fife, Tayside, Paisley and in West Central Scotland.


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