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Keen to put 20 years of experience as an IT Manager and Consultant to good use, John Darcy of Mount Merrion, Co. Dublin has bought the ComputerXplorers territory for Midlands Ireland, an area stretching from Naas to Tipperary.

ComputersXplorers provides computer-assisted learning for children aged three to 13. Classes are designed to integrate the use of ICT across all curriculum subjects and encourage children to embrace technology as part of their every day learning from an early age.

Darcy (pictured, centre, with Nigel Toplis, Managing Director, Deb Evans President and CEO and Cyndee Perkins, right Director of Curriculum and Programme Development) said: “I come from a background in information technology and I am also passionate about education, having two young kids of my own. ComputerXplorers combines the technology with education to provide the foundation for computing skills, which are so important for our children’s future.

“ComputerXplorers is a new brand in Ireland it’s really taking off over here and I want to be there at the beginning.”

Darcy travelled to the United States last month to learn more about ComputerXplorers. He added: “Most schools in Ireland aspire to increase the amount of ICT in their curriculum, and that’s something that ComputerXplorers can easily help them with. Starting up will be a challenge, no doubt. But I’m very excited about the huge potential that ComputerXplorers Midlands Ireland has got.”

ComputerXplorers provide all the equipment, materials and top quality instructors so there is nothing for schools and pre schools to do other than provide the room and the children.


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