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ComputerXplorers Cotswolds & Wyvern has been helping pupils in Year 5 & 6 at Wolvercote Primary School in Oxford to build their own virtual zoo.

Using Zoo Tycoon 2 software ComputerXplorers has been teaching the students how to develop attractions in a virtual zoo. The children learnt how to navigate around the zoo and add animals, ensuring they had the right food, water, habitat, shelter and activities. Making sure the business is profitable, and looking after employees and guests was also part of the activities, including providing restaurants, bathrooms and playgrounds.

For the final lesson, Mark Godson, Deputy Curator of Cotswold Wildlife Park visited the school to talk to the children about running a real-life zoo.

Fran Greenaway, franchise owner of ComputerXplorers Cotswolds & Wyvern, said: “The children have been having so much fun that they hardly seem to realise how much they are learning! Not only have their coding and computer skills improved, but also their team-working and problem solving skills too. ComputerXplorers is all about having fun as well as being educational.”

ComputerXplorers provides children with the tools to grow and develop in the digital world. By learning fun and exciting subjects they are taught how to program, build and design using the latest software packages. Typical activities include designing and building rockets, learning how to use GPS technology, designing phone apps and creating animated movies. ComputerXplorers classes change to reflect the latest thinking in ICT. As well as gaining computer-programming skills, children also improve their core academic skills. ComputerXplorers provides the instructors, lesson plans, software and peripherals.

Greenaway added: “We were delighted that Mark was able to come and talk to the children as it added an exciting realistic context to the work they’ve been doing.”

Mrs Frances Bartlett, Head of Wolvercote Primary School, added: “We brought in ComputerXplorers to support ICT teaching across the school. The children really look forward to the lessons and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to provide the children with an insight into the world of programming.”


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