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Computer assisted learning for children franchise ComputerXplorers has launched an office in Dublin under former school computer room assistant Nicola Cosgrave. 'I was looking at franchise opportunities that would fit in with my new lifestyle,' says Nicola (pictured, inset). 'I'd given up full time work to have more time with my son, when I came across ComputerXplorers. I was excited by this opportunity compared to others I'd researched, and my experiences in the school determined that there is a definite market here in Ireland for this service.'

ComputerXplorers runs classes for children aged three to 13, in which children learn exciting new subjects such as rocketeering, film-making, robotics, Crime Scene Investigation and clay animation, all while improving their academic and computer skills. The classes are held in schools, pre-school settings, after school clubs and summer camps.

'The children seemed to be so comfortable and capable using computers.' says Nicola. 'Their appetite for learning with this interactive approach is immense and really complements classroom learning. I also noticed that the children worked together collaboratively rather than competitively. So many schools now have computer labs available, mainly thanks to the fundraising efforts of the parents, but they are not always taking full advantage of the facilities. ComputerXplorers can help schools to fully develop pupil's ICT capabilities, to assist them in their learning and prepare them for the future.'

'I'm so excited about being able to bring these innovative classes to children in Dublin. The children are engaged during the classes and have such fun that they don't even realise they are learning. As a mother myself, I feel we owe it to our children to give them the best educational start in life so they can compete in the global market in later life. Structured ICT sessions, which ComputerXplorers can provide, is an experience every child truly deserves.'


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