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UK-based consumer research franchise Ayton Global Research (AGR) is set to expand into China and India. AGR Managing Director, Sue Ayton, has recently returned from a successful trade mission in China, where the company has secured over 3,500 volunteers in 48 hours. These volunteers will now test new samples of cosmetics and toiletries made by Chinese manufacturers.

AGR has been working closely with the China Britain Business Council to found their new legal entity in Shanghai and will work closely with the UK India Business Council in September this year to establish the AGR model in India. Shortly to follow will be expansion into Russia and Poland.

During her recent visit to China Ayton visited the Shanghai Beauty Expo, which with over 3,000 exhibitors, has provided AGR with an extensive range of client leads. Ayton said: "By identifying the most likely users of our service we aim to reduce the time that it takes franchise owners to establish new trade.

"I visited Tesco Legou, Oriflame International and Meller Design Solutions. These companies represent a typical cross-section of our clientele. As with other major international brands, there has been a trend towards export. This export needs to be backed up with reliable, objective research if it is to be profitable. AGR offers the most scalable solution, enabling a full complement of stock to be assessed as standard, rather than as an exception to the rule.

"My trade mission to China demonstrated the ease with which companies are able to adapt their current consumer research methods to suit our system and all three companies agreed that cost savings and efficiencies would quickly follow. They showed a unanimous interest in the launch of our China business. In fact we were lucky enough to secure a first order at our very first meeting! This is highly encouraging for incoming franchise owners since our research method really does sell itself."

AGR not only establishes client relationships for its franchise owners but also offers a franchise package that can be operated from a laptop. In 2011 AGR will roll out its new beta version software to embrace new forms of internet research. Ayton added: "Our new software will present multiple forms of earning possibilities for new franchise owners and will form a state-of-the-art research platform to suit every budget and throughput requirements. Making the most of current and forthcoming technology such as the iPhone, internet TV and conferencing software enables endless possibilities for trial designs and protocols. AGR will lead the field for many years to come following the revelation of its new software. I am very excited about this prospect and would encourage any hard-working visionary to get in early to maximise the benefit of their investment."


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