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Running over the weekend, the conference informed, educated and motivated franchisees on a variety of issues concerning the growth of their business and the Cookerburra network. It was also a social event and this year's theme for the evening was a casino.

Guest speakers included Marcel Le Roux from Peninsula Business Services, who spoke about employment law and health & safety; Pete Seymour from Time Creation, who addressed ongoing developments within the Cookerburra websites; Steve Jarvis from Quinata, who covered database developments; and Gary Rigby from Franchise Development Services, who advised franchisees on developing their business into a multi-vehicle operation, based on his experience of growing a major European food manufacturer into a 300-vehicle operation.

Presentations were made to Kelvin Grossmith - 'Best Ancillary Sales Award', and David and Michelle Kemp - 'Cookerburra Endeavour Award'. This year's coveted 'Franchisee of the Year Award' was presented to David and Janine Taylor in recognition of their successful trading track record. Now in their fourth year of business, it is their plan to develop a managed, multi-vehicle operation that will bring them ever-increasing rewards.

Managing Director Mike Holloway, who also gave a presentation on seasonal marketing campaigns, says of the event: 'It was a very enjoyable conference and the dinner ran on into the early hours of the morning. It shows Cookerburra's continued commitment to supporting franchisees and also the franchisees' continued commitment to the development of their businesses.'


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