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David highlighted Cookerburra's target customers. 'From our research we know that 95 per cent come from the domestic marketplace, 85 per cent of those are female and 75 per cent of those have young children of school age.'

He then explained how Cookerburra uses this knowledge to generate new business for franchisees through launch/awareness days incorporating promotional material, Charlie Kookaburra, gazebo, banners, a half cleaned cooker, prize draw, etc.

'Your high profile day should give you huge awareness locally,' David added. 'On average between 15 and 20 bookings will have been made on the day with a further 50 to 60 'hot' leads being generated by the prize draw.'

Marketing Consultant Steve Mills was next to take the stage with his lively presentation 'Creating Raving Fans'.

He has been working with Cookerburra over the last 18 to 24 months to revamp promotional material and upgrade the website. He has also introduced one day marketing seminars for the franchisee network.


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