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A recently commissioned survey showed that, in one year, UK workers took more than 8.7 million days off work as a result of illnesses and problems caused by debt, and that over 250,000 people had taken a month or more off work with debt related stress.

Lewis Allen, Assist's Carlisle-based consultant, recognises the necessity for a debt counselling and guidance facility in the workplace, and has recently developed a relationship with a large British corporation (over 10,000 employees). Through this he can offer advice and support to their staff, with a view to providing them with a realistic solution to their problems in a confidential environment.

Through the distribution of over 300 promotional leaflets advertising his services among staff members, Lewis has not only raised employer awareness of what can be a very sensitive issue, but also offered an opportunity for staff members to receive free advice on their debt problems in the comfort of their own home. Results were almost immediate and have continued to grow.


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