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Crêpeaffaire is set to open its first UK franchise airport store, which is due to open at one of London’s main airports early next year. The store will be opened in partnership with one of the leading operator of food concepts in airports around the world.

Since it was founded in 2004, Crêpeaffaire has opened sites in a number of prominent London locations. Daniel Spinath, of Crêpeaffaire, said: “Crêpes have become a truly universal and international food item, ideal for every meal occasion and as a snack. They are loved by young and old all over the world. Our presence at one of London’s major airports should strike a chord with travellers and visitors alike.”

The store will feature an extensive range of freshly-baked savoury and sweet crêpes made with organic flour and natural ingredients, both to eat in or to consume on the go. The offer will be complemented by fair-trade organic coffees, juices, shakes and ice-cream. The store will feature its trademark “crêpe theatre” with crêpes being produced by Crêpeaffaire’s unique and ultra fast baking machine and hand finished to order.

Spinath added: ‘Franchising is a crucial part of our brand expansion strategy. We are keen to work with the best partners to secure the best sites available.”


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