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Crime Shield's network of skilled and experienced consultants provide a broad portfolio of industry accredited products, which can be tailored to create a workable and aesthetically unobtrusive solution.

'Following the boom in electronic security during the 1990s security specialists were quick to realise that the burgeoning choice of electronic security measures was not a complete solution to burglary, theft and vandalism,' says the company. 'The ideal approach is a carefully considered combination of both electronic and physical products to suit individual applications.

'Sensitivity among contemporary town planners and surveyors is leading specifiers to consider more sympathetic approaches to physical security. Traditional solutions such as conventional steel rolling shutters, iron bars and rusty grilles are simply not acceptable in the 21st century, and proposals are already under consideration to enshrine security within the Building Regulations.'

Crime Shield Managing Director Steve Harbage adds: 'We believe our duty is primarily to educate people about sympathetic physical security. People still worry that effective security means barricading themselves behind an iron curtain. This simply isn't the case. While most security companies offer only one type of product, which may not suit every application, Crime Shield can tailor specific products to specific threats in a professional, objective and unbiased way. I believe that one day all buildings will be secured using this architecturally sympathetic approach.'


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