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Domino’s Pizza is working with Bibby Consulting & Support to provide its franchise owners with bespoke support in employment law and health and safety.

As part of this partnership Bibby Consulting & Support has rolled out a new human resources and health and safety system to many Domino’s Pizza’s franchise owners. To date Bibby Consulting & Support has 75 stores on board and another 30 to 40 are due to be added by the end of this year.

Debi Bond, Employee Relations Manager at Domino’s Pizza Group, said: “The continued success of Domino’s Pizza Group depends so much on the success of our franchise owners so it is absolutely vital that we support them as much as we possible can. Bibby Consulting & Support has helped us to do this by providing a solution that is tailor-made for our kind of operation. We are delighted with the services provided because they are a perfect fit for organisations such as ourselves who base their business model on a franchise structure.”

Adam Bright, Franchise and Network Development Manager at Biddy Consulting & Support, said: “Domino’s is extremely corporately aware and keen to protect their franchise owners as well as their product and brand. That’s why total compliance with human resources and health and safety regulations is essential in all their stores.”

According to Bright another key element in winning the Domino’s Pizza contract was that Bibby was able to develop a health and safety system alongside Domino’s Pizza’s own systems that was capable of coping with ever-changing requirements.

Bright added: “We worked closely with Domino’s on creating and constantly evolving the system to fit the franchise owners’ needs. Because every franchise owner’s offering is bespoke it wasn’t enough just to offer a generic employment and health and safety resource. That’s why we provide all franchisors and franchise owners with tailor-made packages, we don’t just sell a basic health and safety system.”

As well as Domino’s Pizza, Bibby Consulting & Support is an approved supplier of franchise solutions to several other well known franchise brands. Bright said: “It is very difficult for a franchisor to manage all the legal issues themselves. It would be prohibitive cost-wise for a company to set up a department to deliver the amount of indemnity and business defence that Bibby provides as well as all the other solutions we offer. It works out much more cost effective to call us in and for us to deal with each franchise owner individually.”


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