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The number one pizza delivery company, Domino’s Pizza, is introducing a new brand image to the UK.

In October 2012, Domino’s Pizza International launched a new logo, which Domino’s UK is now beginning to implement across its 805 UK stores.

The Domino’s diamond is replaced by a single red and blue domino, still with the three dots.

Simon Wallis, Sales and Marketing director at Domino’s UK, said: “The brand is now one of the most easily recognisable symbols in the country. The name Domino’s is synonymous when referring to pizza delivery and this is a reflection of how far the Domino’s brand has come. Out goes the word ‘Pizza’ on the logo and replaced with just a revised Domino’s symbol.

“The move is a showcase of the brand’s quality, service, heritage and longevity. It proclaims that Domino’s is comfortable in its own skin and doesn’t need to tell anyone that it sells pizza. The new logo is a celebration of what Domino’s has achieved and is a testament to the heights it can continue to reach.”

The success of Domino’s in less than 30 years in the UK is quite phenomenal and recent trading results for Domino’s UK continue to demonstrate that the business is continuing to grow and evolve. Like-for-like sales growth in its core UK market has been good and Domino’s has recently opened a record number of stores across the Group. Domino’s continues to be a market leader with its emphasis on online sales.

The new logo isn’t the only upgrade at Domino’s with a new store designs being rolled out across the estate following a trial at the end of last year in Wantage, Stowmarket and Billericay.

Wallis said: “We believe there is an opportunity to differentiate our store environment further from our competitors. The new layout will bring all the magic that happens back of house, right into the customer’s focus. We want to celebrate the quality and freshness of our ingredients and create a more welcoming environment for our customers. The fact we only use 100 per cent fresh dough and that every pizza is carefully and quickly made to order is something that we want to demonstrate even more than we ever have.”


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