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Antony beat off stiff competition to be named one of 30 people underthe age of 30 who are recognised for their commitment and dedicationto the hospitality industry in the prestigious annual Caterer &Hotelkeeper Acorn Awards. The finalists, who represent many differentcareers in the industry, were announced in Caterer & Hotelkeepermagazine this week.

Antony won the award because of the devotion and passion he shows tohis work and to the industry. His successful attempts to publiclypromote the benefits of working in the industry to other would-beentrepreneurs were singled out for helping to drive more recruitsinto the sector. What's more, Antony's incredible career success andability to handle a £2m+ business and over 120 employees at just 27years of age earned him the respect of a very distinguished judgingpanel.

Antony's impressive 10 year career at Domino's has seen him rise froma one time delivery driver to a multi unit store owner. He has earnedrespect from his peers as well as many other business organisationsand groups in his local region. His stores are consistently among thetop-performers in the Domino's Pizza system in Europe , in both salesand high standards.

Chris Moore, Deputy CEO for Domino's Pizza says, 'The past year hasbeen phenomenal for Antony and we are all very proud of him as notonly is he a Caterer & Hotelkeeper Acorn award winner, he is also theyoungest ever bfa Franchisee of the Year! Antony's story, however, ismirrored by many other successful men and women who are carving outbrilliant full and part-time careers at Domino's Pizza. All of theircombined efforts are helping to change perceptions of jobs in theindustry and in Domino's. This makes it easier for us to recruit themost talented people and, of course, in an industry where servicestandards reign supreme, the company with the best people will enjoythe greatest success.'

Antony, however, is not resting on his laurels. He says, 'I'mabsolutely delighted to be recognised but it doesn't stop here. Aswell as maintaining high standards of quality, image and service atour existing stores, I am working on opening new stores in theregion. The most important thing for me is giving something back tothe industry that has helped me achieve my success. If I can inspirejust one person to follow in my footsteps, then the hard work hasbeen worth it.'


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