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Domino's Pizza Chairman and Chief Executive David Brandon has announced he wants to open the 10,000th Domino's Pizza store in the next few years. The US pizza delivery brand, which operates in 55 countries, expanded by 322 stores last year (including 238 international units), and reported a further 45 openings in the first quarter of 2006, bringing its company-owned and franchised store total to 8,124.

"We have to get sharper, we have to be great at what we do and we have to earn the loyalty of our customers," says Brandon. "We can't say: 'We're the biggest, and we've been at it the longest, so de facto we win.'"

Among Domino's Pizza's most developed international markets are Mexico (500 stores), the UK (300), Australia (300), South Korea (200) and Canada (200).


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