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Taylor, who works alongside James Caan as the CEO of Prime Advantage, a business growth advisory organisation, has bridged the gap between the two organisations to help deliver a more coherent and systemised approach to the provision of SME advice and assistance.

Andy MacDonald, CEO of Assist With Solutions, explained: "David joins us at an extremely exciting development phase at AWS and we will be exploring all potential opportunities to work together over the next few months."

Our two organisations, together, have produced a platform for systemised SME business success that has not been available in the SME sector until now and we will continue to pursue all possible areas that can increase affordable and highly professional access to consistent high quality support to business owners in the UK allowing them the greatest chance of success.

We are now able to offer our one-stop-shop business facility to all sizes of businesses, from start ups looking to grow and stay on track to £100m+ t/o businesses looking to IPO or exit via trade sale.

Assist with Solutions is a company dedicated to providing assistance to small and medium sized businesses.


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