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UK and Republic of Ireland franchisees were introduced to the new training, which involves a series of technical, business and customer service schemes including home check-ups and CCTV surveys in order to build on their existing customer service skills.

Mike says: "Customers are not excited about calling a plumber. They have not budgeted for it but are forced to. How the plumber treats them can turn a bad day into a good one.'

The scheme is already successful in the USA with franchisees building better and more profitable businesses. Beth explains: "Customers buy what they see - things such as the van, the technician, the mat, the shoe covers and the menu price book. All of these help to build the trust and respect of the customer.

" The progress of all technicians is monitored in a way for all to see with a big board showing job averages, turnover, product sales made and other features of their individual services. Competitions and incentives can be built around the big board. The competitive nature of the technicians makes them want to see their name up there in a positive way."


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