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Drain Doctor Plumbing has increased the number of services its franchise owners can provide with the introduction of rainwater harvesting systems. The systems will enable homeowners to collect and use rainwater and re-use 'grey' waste water from sinks and baths - helping to save money and the environment in the process.

Franchise owners will be able to provide a complete rainwater harvesting installation service that includes site surveys, planning consultations and building and inspection work.

Robin Banks, Operations Manager of Drain Doctor Plumbing, said: "There are two types of water harvesting systems. By installing a collection tank in the garden, rainwater runoff from the roof can be collected and used to fill a water butt or supply a garden tap by use of a pump.

"Rainwater is harvested for non-drinking water applications and can also be pumped back into the house for use in flushing toilets and filling washing machines.

"The second type of water harvesting involves collecting grey water from sinks, washing machines and dishwashers and using it to flush the toilets. With this system household water is used twice, which has an immediate payback on the water meter.

"Drain Doctor franchise owners offering the service will project manage the whole installation from start to finish. We will liaise with planners and complete the work using selected highly trained subcontractors, tailoring each solution to the customer's requirements. The customer will have one point of contact from the start to final completion of the project."


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