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Drain Doctor Portugal, a company-owned franchise of UK-based Drain Doctor Plumbing, has revealed its turnover increased by 81 per cent in the past year.

This increase has been achieved despite a difficult trading environment and the company credits the rise in sales to Operations Director at Drain Doctor Portugal, Paulo Martins (pictured top), and his team. Martins, who took over the Drain Doctor Portugal business in early 2010, has secured new business to drive the company’s growth in the region.

Part of Martins success has been down to him taking advantage of new legislation in Portugal to take Drain Doctor into new service areas. Since April 2010 it has been compulsory in Portugal to install solar thermal panels to produce hot water. In hotels and resorts it is mandatory to ensure that water held in the system is heated to 70 degrees Celsius in order to prevent the potential build-up of Legionella bacteria.

Solar heating systems must be serviced on an annual basis. Professional installers and maintenance providers have to be certified by the Direcção Geral de Geologia e Energia (DGGE). Installers need to have the Certificate of Professional Aptitude (CAP) Technician Installer Solar Thermal Systems.

Martins said: “We saw an opportunity for business growth in this area. To increase business we have ensured that Drain Doctor is a certified provider of maintenance services for solar heating systems. Our maintenance technician holds the appropriate CAP certificate.”

Jan Mitman, Director of Drain Doctor, said: “I am delighted that Paulo has been able to turn the Portugal business round and drive this growth. We are always hearing about how the world is in recession and that everyone is cutting back. However, in the Algarve, as elsewhere, Drain Doctor is expanding.

“Paulo really believes in the Drain Doctor system and he tells everyone he meets about our unique selling proposition.” His well-directed marketing efforts have won recent business including contract work at the recently completed Portimão Race Circuit, which plays host to world-class events such as Superbike Championships and FI testing.

Martins added: “We aim to continue to give businesses and householders in Portugal the same ‘dazzling’ level of service in plumbing and drainage which Drain Doctor provides across the United Kingdom.”


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