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Dream Doors is set to strengthen its business concept with the launch its new high-end kitchen door range. The new range will be at a price that offers its customers previously unattainable products and is part of the company's new strategy to help its franchise owners grow their businesses.

Dream Doors' Operation Director and bfa Regional Chair Kelly Chambers said: "This type of door was traditionally reserved for buyers with £30,000 or more, but now they'll be available to Dream Doors' customers with less than £4,000 to spend on a kitchen facelift. What's even better is that all of these doors are made-to-measure. We'll also be adding to our own exclusive range, which at the moment offers seven door styles that can't be bought from any other company in the world! 2010 is the start of a new design decade, and our suppliers intend to be at the forefront of new manufacturing innovations so that Dream Doors will compete with all kitchen and bedroom companies."

In addition to the new door range, Dream Doors has also launched a new national advertising campaign. Chambers added: "Our new consumer marketing campaign hit the streets last month with adverts in The Times and the Daily Mail. These were testers for a new style of pared down advertising that has a message that's easily understood. Later this month we're placing a three-month series of half-page adverts in the Mail on Saturday. With more readers than any other Saturday paper, and an average age of 57, it's sure to increase public demand and enquiries for all our franchise owners."

Dream Doors announced its new strategy for 2010 during its annual conference, which was held in Portsmouth and was attending by over 60 delegates and welcomed five new franchise owners.

Dream Door's founder and Managing Director Troy Tappenden said: "Without satisfied customers all of this marketing activity is academic, which is why we asked the owner of Checkatrade, Kevin Byrne, to come to our conference and make sure all of our marketing efforts are backed up by his fantastic customer feedback and monitoring scheme. Kevin demonstrated to all of our franchise owners how to use the Checkatrade system to boost Dream Doors' sales even more. To date, some of his members have seen a 50 per cent increase in sales by properly using the site, and that's something we're now working towards as a network."

Troy Tappenden and Kelly Chambers


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