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'We are extremely excited about opening the showroom as the business has rather taken over our home!' said Helen during the launch. 'The showroom will move the business to another level which is where we want to be. Within a few years we then hope to open a second satellite showroom elsewhere within Norfolk to tap into geographical areas we have only briefly touched on so far and grow the business further still.'

The launch was hosted by local TV presenter Helen McDermott and was accompanied by an advertising campaign on local radio and other media. 'When you sign up as a franchisee you make a commitment to work towards opening a showroom, and in the month since our 'soft launch' we have seen turnover double already,' revealed Philip. 'The showroom gives us credibility with our customers - they can see, touch and feel the product, and feel safe handing over a deposit. In fact, our average order value has gone up to £4,000.'


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