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A busy couple of days in January saw Dream Doors Managing Director Troy Tappenden and Franchise & Operations Director Kelly Chambers attend showroom launches in Worthing and Taunton. The pair clocked up over 400 miles to make sure they were on hand to participate in the launches of both showrooms - travelling from Dream Doors head office in Gosport to be in Worthing on the 22nd, then back to Gosport before setting out for Taunton on the 23rd.

'We attend all our franchisees' showroom openings, along with the local Franchise Manager, to help go through the pre-launch checklist, meet the local mayor and take part in the launch party,' says Troy. 'Peter Soley in Worthing and Andy and Shelley Stewart in Taunton received additional PR support from Matt Piggott at our head office to ensure the word got out and both launches went absolutely brilliantly.'

Further showroom launches are scheduled to take place in Huntingdon, Swansea, Stoke, Southport and Lancashire by the end of March, which will bring the Dream Doors network total number of showrooms to 29.


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