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Driver Hire, a franchise that provides drivers to businesses, has introduced two new services to its customers. In order to help its nationwide network of over 100 franchisees win new business Driver Hire has introduced its Fuel Efficient Driving and Multi-drop training initiatives, which will enable franchisees to deliver enhanced levels of customer service and potential cost savings of more than 20 per cent.

The specialist transport and logistics recruiter's Fuel Efficient Driving course aims to produce the UK's most efficient agency drivers by ensuring that every one of its drivers is specially trained in fuel-efficient driving techniques, route planning and appropriate vehicle checks. Refresher courses every six months will ensure the training stays fresh in the mind.

Driver Hire's Chief Executive, Chris Chidley, comments: 'In the current economic climate, anything which improves a company's bottom line is crucial and Driver Hire wants to do everything it can to help its franchisees boost their sales and demonstrate real added value to its customers.

'We have conducted a series of tests with the assistance of Mercedes-Benz to prove the effectiveness of the training we are now delivering. We covered urban driving, dual carriageways and motorways. We saw fuel savings of 19 per cent in a van and in larger goods vehicles, improvements were as high as 31 per cent.

'We supply some 1,200 drivers every day, who on average drive 200 miles per day. On that basis the potential daily fuel savings add up to around 4,000 gallons of fuel - that's over 1 million gallons every year. This could save our customers more than £4 million, and at the same time, deliver a significant environmental benefit.'

As well as training its drivers in green driving techniques, Driver Hire has also launched a new multi-drop delivery training course, which puts charm, courtesy and customer care top of its agenda. This is to meet the increased demand for deliveries with an increasing number of consumers and businesses shopping online.

Chris Chidley adds: 'More people than ever shopped online last Christmas with £9.4 billion being spent online this holiday season. It is predicted that in 2009 internet shopping is set to increase even more with people buying a wider variety of products online ranging from food, clothes and household items to major purchases such as electrical goods.


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