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The Omni Shopping Centre is lively and bustling retail hub and Eddie Rocketsnew diner will make a welcome addition to the centre. The new diner is openlate 7 nights a week and serves up generous portions from the eclectic andtasty menu.

Eddie Rockets, which started off in 1989 with the first ever diner on SouthAnne Street in Dublin, has expanded rapidly and it now has 25 dinersthroughout Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Wicklow, Liverpool UK and Spain.

Founded by Entrepreneur and MD Niall Fortune, the Eddie Rockets concept hasbeen a soaring succcess both in Ireland and abroad.

What makes Eddie Rockets stand out from the rest is its commitment toproviding customers with an authenthic and original dining experience - alldiners have comfy red-leather booths with individual jukeboxes on everytable and most importantly the food is fresh, not frozen and cooked toorder!

Eddie Rockets is a firm favourite with people of all ages and you only haveto visit any diner and see the queues of customers to realise that EddieRockets has secured a special place in the hearts of anyone who visits - andthat's a whole lot of love with over 2 million people dining in EddieRockets every year.

Eddie Rockets has also only recently launched a new concept diner in Cork'sMahon Point Shopping Centre, the Dine-O-Mat is unlike a traditional EddieRockets in that it is situated in the shopping centre's food court.

So unlike a traditional Eddie Rockets diner, the Dine-O-Mat does not haveindividual dining booths, instead customers can choose their favourite itemsfrom the Dine-O-Mat menu and sit in a shared eating area. The food,friendlyness and service remain the same - the only difference is thatcustomers order their food at the dedicated Dine-O-Mat counter, and as usualeverything on the menu is fresh, not frozen, and cooked to order!


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