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One of the most exciting franchises to emerge into the UK markets in decades, Envirogroup, is looking for a driven, hardworking entrepreneur to acquire the rights to the network throughout Scotland.

A Rich History
Since 2001, Envirogroup has delivered fitted filters for the control of oil, smoke, odour and other gases produced by kitchens. Covering the fast food and fine dining industries, Envirogroup provides state-of the-art ventilation solutions to a growing client base with dependable products that are up to the job. The business is built on a stellar reputation for quality.

Well-Established Business
Because Envirogroup already has existing contracts with a number of clients in the UK and because the UK is emerging from the harshest parts of the recession, now is the perfect time to get involved in the Envirogroup business. Franchise owners will benefit directly from centralized contracts and positive referrals from aplethora of traditionally loyal customers.

Our Services
Envirogroupfranchise owners ensure ventilation systems go unnoticed, providing a building with clean fresh air, creating the right temperature and air quality to achieve the right atmosphere for the purpose of a building. A ventilation system, which is running ineffectively, will cost a business dearly in unnecessary energy costs. As the price of this indispensible resource increases, demand for Envirogroup ductwork is on the rise.

A New Opportunity
2014 is a momentous time in the business history – it is giving investors the opportunity to share in its success through franchising. Successful applicants for a franchise will receive on-going training and support with appropriate stationery and hardware as well as relevant marketing materials.

Envirogroup is looking for a Scottish Master
A Master Franchisee will be expected to recruit two franchise owners within the first two years of deal completion. Franchise owners must fit in with the company philosophy with similar ideals to that of the franchisor themselves. Motivation and determination towards growing the franchise are key traits for an Envirogroup franchise owner. The Envirogroup Scottish Master Franchisee must have a business and management background with a good understanding of franchising in order to be successful. Excellent people skills that enable the successful applicant to forge lasting relationships are a must.

Envirogroup has established an impressive business through maintaining key contracts with extremely well known businesses in the fast food, fine dining and general catering industry.Getting the right people in has been a mainstay of the Envirogroup business since it began and the Scottish Master Franchise Owner will be responsible for recruiting franchise owners who can be trained to implement the Envirogroup systems and who can run a business successfully while simultaneously promoting the business’ brand.


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