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After spending a year restructuring its operations to ensure its business is as efficient and cost effective as possible, EnviroVent now feels prepared to face whatever financial challenges 2012 brings.

Nick Heaton, Managing Director of EnviroVent, said: “2011 was a tough year for many companies in the UK and businesses within the construction sector were hit particularly hard. The economic crises followed by the Government’s current austerity measures have led to a downturn in the construction sector. UK banks are now taking a very cautious approach to lending, and as a result, first time buyers are finding it very difficult to get a mortgage. This has brought the pace of the housing market to an almost standstill. In this current climate, it is a real achievement for any company to be still showing growth and creating jobs.

“We are really proud of what our staff have accomplished. For this year we expect the same tough trading conditions but we’ve got big plans and are confident that the growth will continue.”

Despite the challenges EnviroVent faced last year, it did achieve success by winning a top heating and ventilation industry award when it was named winner of the H&V News Award for the Domestic Product of the Year. The award was won for the design and development of energiVent Flow, an energy efficient heat recovery system that recovers and redistributes up to 90 per cent of the heat which would normally be lost through traditional extract ventilation.

According to EnviroVent this product has attracted attention from developers both in the UK and abroad, adding to an increase in export sales.


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