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“Out of the suitable ones that were a good match to my skill-set there was always one issue; the franchise proposal meant that there was a ceiling of earnings, relative to the investment level, which would be hard to attain. This is not the case with EnviroVent,” remarked Amos.

In order to facilitate the purchase, Amos re-mortgage his home and dipped into the savings he had. By doing this, Amos and his family had plenty of money to live on whilst the franchise started producing a living. However, in reality, these funds were not needed as Amos started earning in week one.

Amos explained that although the money came in right away it was challenging from the off: “The main challenge is staying organised through the winter period when things are so busy that it is hard to manage and action all the leads that come in.”

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Having already seen strong success with EnviroVent, Amos explained that making the jump to becoming a franchise owner has completely changed his life for the better: “Running a franchise has dramatically changed my life. I now have the work/ life balance that I want, but I am also hugely excited about the prospect of earning a really good living, and building up a business for myself, and not for someone else.”

EnviroVent has become the UK’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient and sustainable, domestic ventilation solutions for the home to cure condensation and mould problems within the home. This is a problem that 1 in 5 properties suffers with in the UK as we add energy saving measures to our properties such as double glazing, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.


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