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Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) has improved its franchise owner training programme with the addition of extra courses on cost saving categories. The aim of these new courses are to kick-start new franchise owners’ businesses by enabling them to be operating and earning money even quicker.

The programme, which includes five weeks of training courses and modules hosted at ERA’s head office in Southampton, now includes expenditure categories such as print, parcel distribution, PPE and work-wear, cleaning consumables and packaging.

The training for these categories is based on principle, process and practice and includes mentoring from an established ERA expert and practitioner.

The objective is to introduce each category with the latest industry know-how, discuss supplier information and clarify sector specific language. ERA consultant of 15 years, Diane Lane, who leads the training, also takes the trainees through the data reporting and tender process providing them with a thorough understanding of these categories that they can use as soon as they have signed up a client.

Lane said: “This is particularly beneficial to new starters that don’t have a specific category specialism. Learning about these additional categories allows new associates to successfully manage projects without having an extensive background in that industry. The skills they gain from managing these projects are transferable and can be used across various expenditure areas.”

Laura Harvey-Smith, Business Advisor & Executive Coach at ERA, added: “We have decided to add this to the Academy Training Programme to ensure that our new franchise partners become self-sufficient even quicker, accelerating their earnings. These are common expenditure areas that organisations will face, providing the new franchise owner with a great place to exercise the skills they will have learned during their training.”


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