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Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA) has named the winner of its Highest Income Performer 2008-09 award. Andrew Lees, who joined the franchise in 1999, has been named as the Highest Income Performer 2008-09.

Andrew said: "This is not all down to me. Of course I do have some relevant skills, but ten years in Expense Reduction Analysts has taught me to play to my strengths, and they lie in sales, client management and delivering the best service that I can. I am not an analyst, I don't do number crunching - I leave that to the experts in those fields. So I guess you could say that this success has been down to all of us in the team playing to our respective and varying strengths."

In addition to working as a team, Andrew puts his success down to the experience he has gained in the ten years he has been running his business, Andrew added: "I think that this experience is key to my present success. I now know exactly which clients to target, which projects to take on and, just as importantly, which ones to avoid. One's confidence also grows over time. Now I am able to sit in front of prospects, to listen carefully to what they have to say and to answer their questions confidently and positively. Clients firstly buy you - the person sitting in front of them - so that confidence is vital.

"I know this award is about money - income achieved - but my philosophy has always been to chase success, to win good, new business, and to deliver on promises made. If you chase success in this way, then the money will certainly follow."


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