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There has always been a strong focus on marketing here within Expense Reduction Analysts as is it an essential part of gaining clients and generating interest. Our marketing literature encompasses brochures, corporate newsletters, client testimonies and a highly informative newly designed corporate web site.

These tools are being combined with two more marketing sessions to be incorporated into the five week introductory training course. The sessions are designed to cover a range of areas, for example with the introduction of the Corporate Telephone Preference Service (CTPS) regulations have changed and therefore this is a very important element that has been built into the training. There is also greater time to develop a marketing plan and a marketing budget for the year.

Within the marketing field you have the 'direct approach' and 'non-direct approach' to marketing which produce opportunities. In the initial stages of any business the direct marketing approach is key. These direct initiatives include self-generated appointments and third-party involvement, for example telemarketers such as 'Challenge', who perform a unique service purely for Expense Reduction Analysts consultants. Along with these two elements there is also a direct mailing campaign which was originally launched in January this year.

These campaigns are personalised aim to highlight the specific areas in which Expense Reduction Analysts can help organisations. Having witnessed the huge success of these mailings throughout the year we already have eight mailings planned for next year. This form of direct mailing is designed to be a 'drip feed' marketing scheme, along with the eight mailings there will be four profit discovery newsletters, encapsulating various news stories and client testimonies. The final aspect in this direct marketing grouping is Internet marketing, the corporate website and the personal web pages that are included in this.

The other half of the marketing mix is the indirect approach which includes your personal networking and referrals which are a great way to gain clients and win business. You should also market yourself within the Expense Reduction Analysts network to other consultants for possible JV projects to get involved with. This is really important to remember because you are part of a team and if you sell yourself well within the network you will find work comes to you. The last but by no means least aspect to indirect marketing is the forming of Strategic Alliances with finance institutions and accountancy firms.

As you can see there are many elements making up Expense Reduction Analysts' marketing mix and this is only scraping the surface. Expense Reduction Analysts' contact management system provides many exciting and worthwhile opportunities to make your marketing spend go further and be more effective. And with additional marketing sessions on the training course and the launch of many new initiatives and plans for next year Expense Reduction Analysts is pushing forward and seeing great results.

\"I am really pleased with the look of the corporate newsletters. I am also very excited about the direct mailing campaigns and believe the results will really shine through.\"

Skye Burnham, Expense Reduction Analysts


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