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Experienced businessman Ian Hopping, who has built and sold three businesses, is one of a number of new franchise owners to join the Auditel network.

Hopping, whose previous businesses were in the service sector and in the property and construction industry, said: “Having run my own business before, I was looking for a new opportunity. I wasn’t exactly sure into which area I wanted to go. I looked at a couple of franchises and Auditel was the one that kept coming back to me. It just felt like a really good fit, both in terms of the people within the organisation and the skill sets required. On each meeting, I was impressed by their professionalism and thoroughness and that’s ultimately what got me to sign.”

Commenting on the training, Hopping added: “I’ve been extremely impressed. Every aspect of the course and the support has been very well thought out. The thoroughness, the professionalism and the attention to detail that has gone into everything is impressive.”

Hopping said that his involvement in running his own companies has taught him the importance of controlling the essential costs of a growing business. However, there are difficulties in doing so effectively while still driving the business forward. His aim as an Auditel consultant is to combine his business experience with the specialist knowledge afforded to him by the Auditel training and network of consultants. He said: “I intend to give my clients the level of service, honesty and commitment that I demanded as a business owner. I am determined that not only will they be delighted with the savings found, but also that I will be viewed as a trusted advisor and a member of their team.”


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